Is Doing Cakes and Cookies from Your Home Legal?

Yes! Governor Perry signed the Texas Cottage Food Law as SB 81 on 6/17/2011. The law became effective on 9/1/2011. The initial law had some limitations and was revised as HB 970 which was signed by Governor Perry and was effective of 9/1/2013. The law is very specific as to what products can be prepared and sold from the home. Click Here to go to the web site describing the law.

Didn't you have a store front operation one time?

Yes! We operated as a retail cake shop in the Forest Oaks Shopping Center in North Arlington for several years. We closed that shop in July 2012.

When and how can I order a cake or cookies?

Kathy's Icing on the Cake takes orders by online order request, email, and phone (voice or text messaging). It is advisable to order birthday and most special occasion cakes one week in advance. Wedding cakes require at least one month's advance ordering due to complexities in planning and design along with the schedule coordination for the reception.

Click the Order tab to submit your order online.

Click the Contact tab to order by phone or email. Voice messages, text messages, and emails will be answered as soon as possible.

Must I Order Only Cake Designs on Your Web Site?

No, cake photos on Kathy's Icing on the Cake's web site are there to provide ideas to a customer if they do not already have a design plan in mind. A majority of customer ordered cakes are based on their own specific design request; however, we are happy to duplicate or modify any cake design on our web site to meet a customer's design need.

What Cake Flavors Can I Order?

Kathy's Icing on the Cake's regular cake flavors include white, chocolate, chocolate fudge, yellow, strawberry, spice, lemon, red velvet, and carrot. Additional cost flavors are coconut, almond, and amaretta. The red velvet and carrot are extra cost flavors because they have cream cheese icing. Also, chocolate icing is extra cost.

Does Kathy's Icing on the Cake's Freeze Its Cakes?

No, we do not use frozen cake. We bake all our cakes, cupcakes, and cookies fresh.

Does Kathy's Icing on the Cake's Use Fondant for Cakes?

No, we do not use fondant.

What kind of company is Icing on the Cake?

Kathy's Icing on the Cake is an independent company established as Kathy's Cakes, LLC, a limited liability company in the State of Texas that does business in Tarrant County, Texas as Kathy's Icing on the Cake, its registered business name with the County Clerk.

Can I Drop In and Purchase Cakes, Cup Cakes, and/or Cookies?

No, we are no longer a retail store front.

How do I pay for a cake?

Icing on the Cake accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, cash, or check. Checks may be made out to Kathy's Icing on the Cake. An invoice is provided with each pick-up/delivery and payment is due upon that pick-up/delivery for all private and commercial customers. Contract weddings must be paid in full 30 days before the reception.

Do I pay a Sales Tax on the cake?

Food product sales for off premises consumption in the State of Texas are not taxed. Thus, Icing on the Cake does not charge sales tax for cakes and other baked goods delivered or picked up which have been ordered for events and parties.

What size cake should I order (i.e what are the servings per cake)?

Click the Pricing tab to access the price table which contains the approximate servings per cake. These are party size servings. Be advised that a wedding cake serving can be up to 25% smaller than a party serving.

How can I arrange a cake for my wedding?

Call or email us to arrange an appointment. We will meet with you and discuss your requirements and go over how we will meet those requirements including special considerations and costs. If you have photos or plans for cakes, bring them with you to the meeting. We will provide you a small sample cake for you to take home and taste. Subsequently, when you finalize your plans and decide you want Kathy's Icing on the Cake to do your wedding cake, contact us and we will write-up a contract based on our meeting with you and send it to you for your approval.

How much do your cakes cost?

Click the Pricing tab to access the price table for our cakes and cookies.

What is your web site's address?

We are registered under two domain name addresses. The two "dot com" addresses below only differ by the letter "s." If you enter "kathy" or "kathys", it will work.

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