Me, My Shop, & My Buddies

Hi, I'm Kathy Martinez !

When I was in elementary school, a long, long time ago (no, not in a galaxy far, far away), my mom gave me (and my twin sister, Karen) a Wilton's cake decorating course for kids at J.C. Penney's during the summer. Karen and I both already loved to bake and decorate, so it was the perfect fun gift and kept us occupied for several days (which was what Mom had in mind)!

Many years later, I graduated from college with a degree in hotel and restaurant management and had a career in the hotel industry, but I continued to decorate cakes. When my husband, Eden, and I started our family, I became a stay at home mom. Karen and I continue to enjoy decorating cakes. We live in different cities now, but we still confer about our cakes - we are cake decorating buddies for sure.

I've always made birthday cakes for my husband and two daughters. Then, as our families saw my cakes, more and more it became, "Hey, Kathy, will you make us a cake?" I'm always trying different ways to form and decorate cakes so that everyone's cake is special.

Eventually, the requests for my cakes spread outside the family to friends and acquaintances. My older sister Christina suggested cake decorating as a good business venture. So, Icing on the Cake was born in January 2003!

In my years as a cake decorating hobbiest and now in my business, I have made many different cakes, including those for adult's and children's birthdays, graduations, baby and wedding showers, christenings, many different holidays, employee awards and retirements, and wedding and groom's cakes. I love trying challenging, new designs.

I hope you enjoy looking at the Gallery of photos of my cakes as much as I enjoyed making them. Please contact me if you have any questions about a cake for any occasion. I would love for one of my cakes to make your event wonderful!

In August 2007 we opened our cake shop in a retail store front in the Forest Oaks Shopping Center on Forestwood Drive in northeast Arlington, Texas. We spent FIVE years in that location closing it in July 2012.

Here are my family members that make Kathy's Icing On The Cake Go:

Isabel, Allie, Eden
Suellen (a.k.a. Mom)
Christina (a.k.a. Big Sister)
Steve (a.k.a. Dad)